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The month of May begins just hours after a solar eclipse and new moon in Taurus. Think of the sun as what we’re given and the moon as what we can create. Our northern view of the sun has already progressed one-third of the way through the constellation Taurus, the bull, an agricultural emblem of spring when the field is plowed to sow.




Right now, whether you live in the city or on a farm upstate, we are all feeling a big shift: a strong sense of new beginnings after enduring winter. It’s important now to take time to imagine yourself as you would a garden plot in a prime location & make some real plans for what needs to be cleared, shifted and planted during this moon cycle so you can receive the most nourishment. Plan to become more of what you really want over the next several months & be ready for it to happen.



  • Self care, in all forms
  • Earned abundance & outward beauty 
  • Nutrient-rich foods 
  • Honest innerconnectedness to one’s life
  • Creative exploration & unique talents
  • Deep listening & clear access to intuition 



Astrologically this month, there is a solar eclipse on the new moon and a lunar eclipse on the full moon.  These eclipses present us with potent opportunities for fated change in order to experience the food of life in the coming seasons; the effects of the solar largely a product of natural occurrences, and the lunar having more of an element of personal choice. I’ll describe this month’s planetary movements from both an individualistic and collective lens. And using your ascendant (rising sign) from your natal chart, I’ll give you a practical method to access more transcendent wisdom for more well-being during this month’s transits.




    For the next year the moon’s north node is in Taurus, representing the deliberate pursuit of well-being, which is attained by securing necessary earthly needs & boldly choosing self worth in all situations.  For the next month or so especially, it’s very important to prioritize self care so that your needs are met & you can fly right.  Use all of the tools at your disposal to invite in a greater sense of ease & life prosperity. It is also our role to offer support to those who undergoing struggle. If you yourself need help, ask for it. If things feel tough, know that this moment is capable of bringing rapid change & such challenges can actually precipitate the means to overcome.     




    For most of May, Mercury is positioned in Taurus, which commands effective communication. Make messages clear & concise. Mars & Jupiter are in Pisces for the first part of the month, which means our greater sense of fulfillment will remain somewhat sedated until these planets pass into fiery Aries during the final week of the month. Venus is traveling from Pisces through Aries and landing home in Taurus by the month’s end, so expect some welling up or passion followed by a much needed period of relaxation & stability.




    In 2018, innovative Uranus entered a lengthy tenure in Taurus, where it will remain until 2026. This period is defined by a prolonged planetary shift in value exchange structures. Right now more than ever, there is an opportunity "be your own boss." Courageously choosing to prioritize your talents & do things in your own unique way inspires others that they can do the same. Making this choice at the individual level will foster greater collective opportunities, including desirable barter opportunities & opportunities for wealth.




    The moon’s south node is at 22 degrees Scorpio, representing all things complicated or hidden that have the potential to distract from the simpler version of existence offered by Taurus. Now is the time to be aware of the complexities & challenges we were once attracted to & decide what's worth letting go. Take notice of situations or agreements that have gradually become more complicated than helpful. Prioritize a path of ease. Focus on moving forward & what's ahead rather than getting caught in the stagnancy that comes with outdated agreements from the past. This idea is amplified astrologically by the eclipse, as the node is conjunct with fixed star Alpha Serpentis, which indicates major events of loss. War, political change, uncoupling, natural disasters & attacks on privacy are possible.


    Events characterized by loss are challenging, but they always offer insights. If you are navigating loss, it's crucial to seek out the lessons that accompany it & to spend time fine tuning your intuition, the intelligent navigation system that guides us to safety. Learn what works, note what doesn't & honor your deep inner knowingness. During this time, be particularly careful not to harden away from tenderness. Remain open while also advocating for yourself & those who cannot advocate for themselves. Protect & embrace your inner child and offer care where it is needed. Danger can be tempting, but now is not the time.



    Enough is enough. During this transit, speak truth to those who are causing harm. Say what you mean, but say it with kindness. Use your voice as a vehicle for peace. This month, be especially mindful not to indulge pointed aggression or to exert influence over others as a control mechanism. Be keen to observe your reactivity, defensiveness, anything you do from a space that’s not of sound mind.  These are acts of violence, however small, and are opportunities for you to learn & modify unconscious behaviors. If you slip up, pay special attention to the various effects caused by your actions & take accountability.  



    May 15-16: Saturn is 24 degrees Aquarius, squaring the sun, moon & moon nodes. Think of Saturn as a wise teacher with an objective outlook, equally weighing all sides of the situation. She has no desire for power or bouts of aggression, nor is she prone to overindulgence. Should issues arise at this time, take the high road. Seek to embody the same wisdom & balance as is offered by this unique planetary alignment.

    This month, we each have access to this same wisdom. Pay particular attention to which house Aquarius occupies in your birth chart (1st-12th), as it will be an important aspect of your life from which you may channel Saturn’s exacting and transcendent wisdom for the benefit of yourself and those around you.

    The challenge for us all for the next year (the nodes reside in Taurus and Scorpio until July 2023) is to excavate the parts of us that occupy the darker complexities of Scorpio & transmute them so we can aim to keep it simple and "feel good" in Taurus.




    Your natal Scorpio house will be a source of vulnerability, aggression, striving, entangled emotions & responses. There are superior gifts to Scorpio’s complexity as well, and not all of these responses are objectively “bad” or need to be changed. The more unconscious “prima materia” coming from this area will fuel our experience to grow most this year, which is mediated by your Aquarius aspects. This will bring more fruitful progress to your Taurus house, an area of your life where you can soothe & find a simple sense of security. 



    The specific placement of the various planets in your natal chart will largely shape your individual experiences, in addition to the orientation of your ascendant and your perspective of houses to this season’s transits, which I’ll describe for each sign below.  

    Keep in mind that Saturn will continue to square the nodes somewhat through the rest of the summer as they drift through space at different rates. The lunar eclipse on May 15-16th (around midnight) will be the peak of these dynamics. Identify how & where this dynamic tension shows up in your life & connect with the wisdom of your Aquarius house as a source of peace & prosperity.

    Let’s each offer up the uniqueness of our individual Aquarian perspectives this month in order to honor Saturn’s wisdom. If we do so, we will collectively celebrate our collective evolution of consciousness in the Aquarian age. We can do better & May offers us the great opportunity to put wisdom into practice. 


    • 1st house: self.
    • 2nd: voice/possessions. 
    • 3rd: siblings/communication.
    • 4th: home/surroundings/family.
    • 5th: creative expression/pleasure.
    • 6th: health/habits.
    • 7th: partnerships.
    • 8th: sex/transcendence/deeper aspects.
    • 9th: philosophy/travel/higher learning.
    • 10th: social status/life’s work.
    • 11th: friendships/collective sphere.
    • 12th: subconscious, dreams. 


    Even though you’re usually self-directed, enjoy getting the input of your friends to affirm and encourage you to make the changes you’re undergoing right now.  Clean out your wardrobe and as many of your possessions that you feel called to and revamp everything.  Sing some new songs.  Be conservative with your sexual interactions and enjoy feeling your own vitality.    


    Keep a calm and steady mind, don’t let your significant other or anyone pull you too far from what you know is true to yourself.  Remain patient and persistent as you have in the past.  You know that these things can take many years to change, and time is on your side.  Others will generally be delighted to connect with you this month. 


    Apply all the various philosophies you’ve gained to your life as if you’re coaching someone else. Exercise the wisdom you have, especially relative to health and career – cook healthy meals and practice your disciplines each day to create more well-being and depth in all the things you specialize in.  This will bring peace and well-being to your sleep, dreams, unconscious behaviors, and a multitude of rippling effects that no one can know. 


    Focus a bit more on the joy in the successes of your friends.  Let their success provide some inner peace and fulfillment to you.  Otherwise, you might unknowingly run the risk of doing things because you feel like you need to prove something to everyone and make yourself look special.  Be creative when you’re actually inspired by the thing you’re making, not for the reaction you hope to get.     


    There will be something that isn’t up to you to decide, you will need to wait for or trust your partner (or someone important in your life) to do something you can’t do for them.  This makes things uncomfortable at home but if you can be encouraging and patient and understanding, you will strengthen your ability to hold compassion for others and things will pan out really well in the long run.  


    Work to clear up miscommunications and put even more genuine love, care and patience into every interaction you have.  A little bit every day will add up.  This will enrich your life beyond words and ultimately grant you a much greater perspective.  


    Express yourself!   It’s not fair to yourself if you deny your voice, your sexuality, your creativity, however subtle that may be.  Everyone can benefit from what you have to offer.  If you’re already pretty good about this, keep going in the direction of making yourself louder, disrupting norms and making change around you.  


    Your home is the ideal solace from any inner turmoil you experience.  Make time to have close friends and family over for company, enjoy your immediate surroundings, and you will automatically experience more positive change for your relationship.  


    For reasons beyond your control, your unconscious mind is having a poor effect on your health.  Write down your dreams, practice conscious communication, take stock of your daily habits and any addictive tendencies.  This year will be important to plumb the depths, unpack these things in an intentional space like coaching or therapy so that you can unlock the parts of yourself that have remained hidden from your awareness. 


    Buy yourself something special for your kitchen, play a musical instrument, enjoy the sound of your own voice, detox from your social life, only hang out with people with whom you feel genuine love and support.


    Be sure to exercise your natural leadership qualities this month, as you are faced with an important and perhaps difficult decision that will ultimately have a lasting impact on your social status and legacy.  For now, choose the option that feels simpler and brings you home. 


    To verbalize what’s going on can be the hardest part when so much is happening, but what you manage to say is usually right on the money, especially when you listen to your dreams and don’t follow the prescribed ideas of others.  Keep doing what you do and trust the process.


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